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Life Changers

Life Changers #1

Each week we send a simple yet practical blog with some:
Ice breakers. “Test Your Bible Knowledge” “ This week in History” “National holiday” Short Essential truths “ What every Christian Ought to Know” “Common Questions” Life Group ideas “ Life Group

Test your Bible Knowledge (using only your memory) Multiple Choice, complete the sentence:
On the first day, God_________________________________
a. Said, “let there be light”
b. Created the dry land called Earth
c. Made the 2 great lights, to rule the day and the night
d. Created the firmament

What every Christian ought to know:
The Bible is the word of God. There is a war on the Bible.
The word of God is Authoritative. Sufficient. Inerrant. Infallible. Inspired by God.

“Man has 3 main problems: Sin, Sorrow and Death and the Bible is the only book on earth that has the answer..
The devil hates this book and would like to destroy it. Some despise the bible; others just deny it; still others distort it and have it warped, misused and abused. But I believe the greatest enemy of the bible is the so-called Christian who simply ignores the bible or disregards it. He gives only lip service to it.

These hath God married and no man shall part: Dust in the Bible and drought in the heart” - Adrian Rogers

Life Group Ideas:
Make a Prayer Calendar.
  1. Fill in the days with members of your Life Group to pray for them throughout the day. If you want you can send them a direct message/text mentioning to them that you prayed for them and/or you can include a “Jesus Love You”.
  2. Fill in the days with unsaved people you know and pray for them throughout the day. You can
    send them a text telling them you prayed for them and/or you can include a “Jesus Love You”.
Let me know how it goes.

May the Lord bless you as you bless others.
 Jose Maldonado
Life Group Pastor

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