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Gettin Real

The 800 Yard Dash
            Would you believe that your Pastor was once a long runner??? Well, I was for a few races. You see, our little school didn’t even have a track team. We basically just showed up at the district track meet and the coach would choose some events for us to participate. On one occasion, I found that he had entered me in the 800 Yard Dash. I had never run the 800 Yard Dash, but I decided I would give it my all. We were set on the line, the starting gun fired, and we were off! I tried to stay with the pack on the first lap, (that’s what the coach instructed me to do). On the second lap I moved up toward the front of the pack and set in for another half lap. I had decided by this time I would round the last corner and push hard for the finish!

            As that last corner approached, I realized I had a chance at winning this thing! I pushed a little harder and moved into fourth place. As I rounded the turn I pushed again and moved into third. First and second were within an arm’s reach, all I need to do was to push once again! Thant’s when I realized something. I didn’t have another push in me. I was done. There was no endurance. I placed third. I could have almost reached first with my hand, but it didn’t matter. I had nothing.

            After the race, I realized that if I had just practiced. If I had been disciplined enough to run for even just a week or two before the meet, I might have been district champ in the 800 Yard Dash. I just needed a little endurance.  Hebrews 3:1-17 shows us our example(Christ) and our need for spiritual endurance.  So many times, we treat our spiritual lives just like I treated that race. I just showed up and tried to run. No practice, no plan, no idea of the race before me. I was left wanting. Hebrews 3:16-17 show us Esau and example of someone left wanting. I encourage you to not throw away opportunities, put in the work, run with endurance, the race that Christ has set before you.

God Bless,
Bro. Kyle