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Gettin Real

The Best Shape I’ve Ever Been In

            My junior year of high school was awesome. I was in the best shape of my entire life. Basketball was everything. I ate, drank, and slept basketball. I would even go play basketball sometimes instead of going to see my girlfriend (Mrs. Becky). Shhh, don’t tell her! I did everything I could to gain any advantage on the court. I worked out all the time, I studied plays, offenses, defenses, and practiced as often as I could. I even altered my diet. That whole year, I did not drink one soda! I tried to eat right as often as I could. I was disciplined.

Over the next few weeks, we are going to preaching through a series on Spiritual Disciplines. You might ask, what is that? Spiritual Disciplines are those practices found in scripture that promote spiritual growth among believers in the gospel of Jesus Christ. In other words, those things in which we should practice in our walk with Christ. We become disciplined in many areas of our lives when we decide to put our minds to it. We want to get better at something; we practice. We want to lose weight; we diet and exercise. We want to get stronger; we lift weights. We want to grow spiritually; we…….  Why is it that we don’t on the most part discipline ourselves in spiritual matters? In this sermon series we will learn why we should be disciplined, what those disciplines are, and how to put them into practice.

My junior year I was the first person elected to the all-district team. I was the districts leading scorer and rebounder. I was at tip-top shape. My Senior year was different though. I was not as focused. I drank, sodas, didn’t practice as much, and ate whatever I wanted. I still made the all-district team, but it was second team all-district, and there were no scoring or rebound titles to add to the wall. The bottom line, I wasn’t disciplined enough.

That’s where we find ourselves at times. Not disciplined enough. We might pick up our Bibles and read them occasionally, pray when we need to, serve when we have to, and worship when we feel like it, but it just isn’t quite enough reaching the goal. I hope you join us for this exciting series. I’ll see you there!

Gettin' Real,
Bro. Kyle