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God is sovereign.
Jesus' blood is the only redemption we have.
The Bible is completely true.
The Church is the only institution Satan cannot defeat.
He is coming back for His Church!


A church of REAL people committed to Christ, RELEVANT to those who need Christ, and READY to be on mission for Christ.
The Gospel, community, and missions.
These are more than just words, they are the driving force behind everything we do.
No matter your age or background, we want you to discover and experience Christ on a personal level.


"We accept the Scriptures as an all-sufficient and infallible rule of faith and practice,
and insist upon the absolute inerrancy and sole authority of the Word of God.
We recognize at this point no room for division, either of practice or belief, or even sentiment.
More and more we must come to feel as the deepest and mightiest power of our conviction
that a 'thus saith the Lord' is the end of all controversy."

J. M. Frost from "Baptist Why and Why Not"
Published in 1900 by the Sunday School Board