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I Love Music

I love music.  I listen to music of all kinds and my mind is blown by how many songs I know by heart, but yet I struggle memorizing the simplest Bible verse.  There's always a tune on my radio, Alexa or in my head.  

Tonight as I was driving, Lauren Daigle's song Look Up Child came on. It has a fun, tribal beat to it and is one of those tunes that just sticks in your head so you sing the words sometimes without really listening or paying attention.   But tonight as I listened (and sang along) to the words it struck a different chord with me.  Ms. Daigle's lyrics are intended to represent us when we are in the dark and the hard times that cause us to ask questions like  "What is God doing right now?" or  "Where are you now (God)?" or maybe " Why are you letting this happen?  Why can't I hear you?"  We've all been there if we're honest.  

However, tonight as I listened to her belt out the words "Where are you now?" at the beginning of each verse, it took me to Genesis chapter 3.  After the serpent has slithered his way into Eve's mind and distorted the truth.  After Adam chose not to follow those God breathed instructions.  After their spiritual eyes had been opened to the reality of sin..."Where are you?"  echoes throughout the garden.  Those are the three saddest words in the Bible. With one bite God's perfect creation had broken.  Positionally God knew exactly where Adam and Eve were, He was still God after all.  And they were obviously just within earshot of his presence, but spiritually they had relocated.  They had transported themselves to a place where fellowship with The Living God was no more.  Their perfect relationship with the Almighty Creator was forever changed.  God was not playing hide and seek with them, He was asking them "Where is your heart now?"  

Maybe life has gotten tough for you and you have abandoned those spiritual disciplines that keep us spiritually healthy.  In the quiet moments do you hear that voice crying out "Where are you now?"?  Well take heart my friend, there is light in the darkness of this event.  You see, God could have just left the garden, forsaking his children saying "Ya had one rule!  One rule!  And you blew it.".  But no he came looking for them despite what they had done.  He came and had an intentional face to face encounter with those sinners and like a loving Father he provided what they needed in that moment by making garments with his own hands to cover their shame ( a whole other blog).

Do you hear that voice calling out to you?  Your Father hasn't left you my friend, he knows exactly where you are and he wants you to look up and have an intentional face to face encounter with your loving, heavenly father.  He wants you to trust him to provide exactly what you need in the broken moments...forgiveness, healing, hope or whatever it might be.  Look up child.

No sugar coating,

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