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Weekly Bulletin

October 1, 2023

Can't make it on Sunday? Out of town for the weekend? Just can't get all the kids up and out the door on the weekend? Try our third worship opportunity on Thursday nights at 6:30pm! Starting October 12, see you there!!
'Bring Your Own Pumpkin' and paint with us! Come enjoy the cooler fall weather {hopefully!} and fellowship with other Kids Ministry families. Dinner provided.  The pumpkins will be auctioned off to raise funds for The Lion Project.
7th-12th grades are invited to join in for 5th Quarter! We'll have food, fun and fellowship! Festivities will begin at the church immediately following the game. 
Did you know we currently have THREE Bible studies available for women? This is great way to study God's Word with accountability and fellowship.
Celebrate Recovery is a biblically balanced approach to help bring sustainable recovery and healing to our hurts. It guides us toward new healthy truths and life-giving habits as we repair our broken relationships. Have more questions?
Volunteers welcome!
Email Renee with any questions you may have.
Know someone in need of food?
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